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episode 10 - starcrash
October 03, 2009 11:07 AM PDT
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Artwork by Stefan Hurzeler
Tribute to the glorious 1978 sci-fi epic "Starcrash"
stay tuned for track list

Episode 9- nemomemery (morpheus' skyline)
May 02, 2009 01:21 AM PDT
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1.electrified washboard of the mornin' - carnival ride operators(cro)8/04/2000
2.inverts images of - ""
3.morpheus' skyline - ""
a. Little Nemo in Slumberland
b. solfeggio scale 396 417 528 639 741 852
-this trio of songs was recorded on morning with a long 3' 3/8" bolt trying to break my strings. Morpheus is a reference to "Little Nemo in Slumberland" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69637mM5-vM)

4.behanemodeb (woman-head, a grassy tussock in a swamp)- crumb "vehicle for visiting other eras:8/17/02
a.jud yelling at tempest- Canal St. Brattleboro 1998
5.spemki pozideba (sky overflows)-crumb "vehicle for visiting other eras:8/17/02
6.towlomsen kinawitigan (windswept sign)-crumb "vehicle for visiting other eras:8/17/02
a. Susan Blackmore: Memes and "temes" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ_9-Qx5Hz4)
-this second trilogy features the patchcord biofeedback and percussion magic, accompanied by meme theory of Susan Blackmore(thanks theron for pointing me to it)

7.better left be once more - vq junkies (vehicle for visiting other eras: 8/17/02)
a. howard lazarnak- 2tJ (Car Songs 2000)
b. low bat throat singing - 2tJ (car songs 2000)
c. mr man jogging - (2tJ Bad Eye Bros Tape 1998)
d. bad ass third graders - (2tJ Bad Eye Bros Tape 1998)
e. crap for scissors - (2tJ Bad Eye Bros Tape 1998)
f. my buddy cuts records - (2tJ Bad Eye Bros Tape 1998)
8.tape shut off whistles - (2tJ Bad Eye Bros Tape 1998)
9.smashed jarslide bloody hands - .0 gathering (jess miah phillip surly terence tim 8/4/01)
10.bloody postcript - ""
-the last stretch bookends one year later, when terence was using a baby jar guitar slide which exploded and cut his hand. Time to get some gauze and stop recording.

11.bonus tracks

Episode 8: Wasteland Smurfs
April 17, 2009 02:04 AM PDT
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(depicted l to r executioner smurf, cigarette butt smurf)
The Wasteland Smurfs take the mic over and rockin' the mushroom bomb shelter.

1. smurfing land- smurfing sing song (1979)
2. wasteland smurfs - story smurf (2009)
3. wasteland smurfs theme - the wasteland smurfs (cyber smurf, cigarette butt smurf, cb smurf, sassy smurf, mad scientist smurf, executioner smurf, 2009)
4. french canadian smurf - andy miah (2000 winter smurf songs)
5. nickel dime store bunny teeth - andy miah (2000 winter smurf songs)
6. ol' susanna smurf - andy miah (2000 winter smurf songs)
7. smurf off (bitch at tim again)- "band" "practice" (3/10/2009 @ tim's, huntington)
8. trip to smurf village - miah surly tim (8/16/02 24hr attempt)
9. allergic to bees - andy miah rob(2000 winter smurf songs)
10.we hate hate (smurf mix)- state department hate rock band ("state of hate" 10/11/2001)
11.baguette man - 2tJ & coolrobskee (2000 johnson battery killers)
12.music box - ben jess miah surly (6/14/2002 spacerobo mix)
13.smurfin' cowboy - smurfing sing song (1979)
14.mr. big top smurf (extra smurfy remix)- the scarlet pidgeons ("the blond potato" 1993)
15.elf confidence - andy miah (2000 winter smurf songs)
16.boss it up - andy miah rob (2000 winter smurf songs)
17.woods of thordor - andy miah (2000 winter smurf songs)
18.the f*#ks - miah rob (2000 johnson battery killers)
19.take the mic over (you will regret this moment) - "band" "practice" (3/10/2009)
20.wasteland - carnival ride operators (1/17/2000 low battery basement session)

episode 8 features the post-smurfocalypse wasteland smurfs strutting their stuff spouting profanity and being general bad-asses. this show goes out to Wendy, I hope it makes you feel really smurfy!

Episode 7 (CONROCKOPERA3: The Demons are in my Head)
April 07, 2009 07:48 PM PDT
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3rd Installment in the CONROCKOPERA mixes, the paranormal paranoia descends... For being demons, they sure want us to get plenty of rest.

1. The demons (are in my head)- Charles Riggins & the Diplomats, The Tang Years, 1996 (EVP mix)00m00s-02m49s
EVP Clips:
a."They all go back to sleeping"
b. " i love you"
c. " i was seeing the war"
d. " tell her it's satan"
e. "don't go to sleep"
2. Innocence (guiltier than ever charged)- Papal Insurgency, Summer 1999 02m50s-06m34s
3. Don't fall asleep - Crumb, 7/16/02 "Nature Cannot Be Fooled"
4. Thrice Anti-Christ (Trickster undermines duality version)- Crumb, 8/3/02 "Crumb vs. A33" 14m19s-20m50s
5. The Original Spirit (is back)-Crumb, 10/22/02, "Defining Characteristic of Intelligence: Live @ Radio Bean" 20m50s-21m37s
6. Cave Spirits and Monsters-Crumb 7/25/02 "Ignorant of Everything" 21m00s-24m55s
7. Burial Dreams-.0 Gathering 3/10/09 24m54s-30m51s
8. Summoning a Demon (his name is Earl)-.0 Gathering, Fall 2003 "Ultima Journey Theme" 32m10s-34m54s
9. Spemki Pozideba (sky overflows)-Crumb, 8/17/02 "Vehicle For Entering other Eras" 34m57s-40m53s
10.Dracula wakes up late for Church-Carnival Ride Operators, 6/16/00 41m00s-43m42s
a. Satan's DJ Lounge-.0 Gathering, 8/16/01 "24hr attempt" 30m50s-42m03s
11. Small God proposal-Crumb, 10/22/02 "Defining Characteristic of Intelligence: Live@Radio Bean" 43m42s-47m51s
12. Skynyrd Demonic Crystal Request- Crumb, 2/24/02 "Record What You Are Seeing:Live@Radio Bean" 47m49s-48m17s
13. Falling Scales-attercop, 7/7/00 48m15s-50m47s
14. solfeggio scale evps 50m44s-52m22s

Being a cassette tape low fi freak, I always found disjointed voices in recordings, so I always thought of this stuff as coincidental noise matrixing, but the ones I mixed in sure sound convincing and I'd like to thank either the random soundscapes that made them or the source of each voice.

Episode 6: Don't Veto Our Gay Marriage, Douglas
March 31, 2009 01:53 AM PDT
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A special timely episode and a reminder to Vermonters to call Governor Douglas and tell him to stop this vetoing civil rights nonsense... If we pass the same sex marriage, we'll finally all be in one big Statewide Gay (original usage) Marriage together.

1. too many cooks (attercop 8/4/2002)

2. Aloha, homophobic Canucks! (Carnival Ride Operators 5/22/99) -Song improvised when VT and Canada were in a dead heat for Civil Unions legislation

3. Bible Pants (2tJ 2000 car recordings, echo wah mix)

4. Sitting on the Pin-cushion of Love (Gilgamesh and Gargamel, Western EP March 2000)

5. The REAL Beautiful Song (Crumb 7/16/02)

6. I'm a person, too (The Scarlet Pidgeons, "Bully Dinosaurs of the Caspian Sea", Spring 1995 low pitch mix)

7. Understanding Parents (The Scarlet Pidgeons, "Constellations: Bansidhe Pidgeon Cult", 1996)

8. No Sex (Nomeansno, "Mama") *not a Pugnacious Gluegun Recording by any means. this B.C. based song pretty much sums up the whole thing. Plus it underscores the Vermont-Canadian rivalry them of "Aloha"

9. The Tale of the Drag Queen Dog (The Scarlet Pidgeons, "Constellations: MVU Angst" 1996)

10. Straight and Narrow (Gilgamesh and Gargamel, "Perkins ExCA" August 1999)

Episode 5 Aliens CONROCKOPERA
March 29, 2009 06:12 PM PDT
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Part 2 of the CONROCKOPERA series, Alien visitation featuring a long lights off jam recorded in a dark basement reaching out to the ET fam, Dr. Michael Wolf provides portalship capabilities and finally our newfound alien friends leave us but carry copies of our home movies with them when they head home.

...and don't forget, before you head off on a trip to the stars, bring the Zeta Reticulans a hand carved rabbit gift to show the goodwill of the whittlers of Earth at http://www.handcarvedrabbits.com!
Track list with cosmic standard time coordinates attached:
00m00s-00m37s1. message from our sponsor
00m37s-01m47s2. plaeidian beacon eclipse (.0 gathering 7/14/2001)
a. excerpt from "First Spaceship on Venus"
01m47s-05m57s3. ascii-deterministic star search (vq junkies 8/13/2002)
05m57s-10m00s4. peepsqueek von sun ra
10m00s-18m02s5. saturn sideways infinite symbol
18m02s-20m45s6. uranus seen as shown
20m45s-26m15s7. tiamat weaves her cosmic web
26m15s-29m29s8. chime era
29m29s-43m30s9. has been called alchemy
43m30s-52m39s10. talking smouldering bushes (#4-10 .0 gathering 8/6/2002 lights out jam)
a. (tracks 3-10) Dr. Michael Wolf interviewed on Greg Michael's podcast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj-XqCQr3DQ
52m37s-54m47s11. ice caves (2tJ Martian Winter, 2000)
54m47s-55m19s12. excerpt from "First Spaceship on Venus"
55m19s-57m17s13. channeling keyboard death tongues- (jess leah matt miah 12/23/06)
56m56s-59m34s14. my alien buds (at movie time) (The Scarlet Pidgeons, Why We Suck SO Much, 1994)
59m28s-1h03m34s14. guv'men'tis lyin' 'bout the alien phenomenon (King's Ransom 8/23/02 I Can't Hear You, HAARP's too loud)
15. message from our sponsor (Deutchemixen)& our visitors depart, carrying our home movies off into the galaxyset

Pay attention to what Dr. Michael Wolf says. In the event of contact there will be a test. I'd strongly recommend his books "Catchers of Heaven" for anyone that can pay the banned book premium price of $300.00.

March 26, 2009 02:54 AM PDT
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1. big brother sage - vision quest junkies 6/07/2000
2. the eye of the hawk - jess (words from 1992 Video of same name)
3. i ain't got no home in this world anymore - ben jess miah 4/7/2003 (written by Woody Guthrie)
4. 90 or more Federally-sanctioned dicks of Uncle Sam - miah theron 1998
5. Uncle Sam to floor 13 - crumb "the rest cheat in europe 7/30/02
a. you're breaking the speed limit, asshole - miah shaw stefan 1998
6. HAARP Old-timey Alaskan ballad - jess matt miah 12/27/01
7. if you think there's a HAARP - King's Ransom "I Can't Hear you, HAARP's too loud" 8/23/02
a. excerpts of HAARP: Holes in Heaven (Phenomenon episode)
8. haarp-induced 7th dimensional disharmonic chi energy blockage - vision quest junkies 8/13/02
a. excerpts of HAARP: Holes in Heaven (Phenomenon episode)
9. ordinary rendition - vision quest junkies 6/25/03
a. excerpts of HAARP: Holes in Heaven (Phenomenon episode)
10. it's not a weapon (it's my D.I.C.K) - crumb "Parrot Scream" 2/21/04
11. when the (chemtrail redacted) stew's cooking - crumb "one last scream: something else on the way" June 2004
12. our eggshell spaceship the earth - jess justin miah stefan 10/19/01
13. spherical prayer - ben jess miah 2/14/03
14. message from our sponsor : http://www.handcarvedrabbits.com

My podcast tribute to one of my favorite hidden in plain sight global dominion super pre-apocalypse doomsday devices: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project
For those that claim I am defacating from my mouth, check out the official government whitewash site:

Episode 3- Spring runs and ice thaws
March 22, 2009 10:19 PM PDT
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1. cartoon echoes (attercop February 1998)to see the cartoon that inspired this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT3URe3CxTs
a. Frogs in Sheldon, Spring 1999
2. befores and once agains (carnival ride operators 5 19 01)
3. once will has been (leslie miah tim 12 22 00)
a. excerpt from "The Gods of Times Square" by Richard Sandler
4. planets fall apart (crumb 9 21 03)
5. sum of crumb (crumb June 2004 "One Last Scream")
6. transdimensional water chestnut in my backyard stream (andy jess joe miah nate 4 15 00)
7. rabbit hole (crumb 8 10 02)
a. spankatron (2tJ March 2000)
8. mere exposure effect (attercop 8 23 00)
a. Frogs in Sheldon, Spring 1999
Hurray for Spring! I celebrated this year by fracturing my distal phalanx on my left thumb, an open fracture with 4cm lacerations and a nail avulsion with a 4 lb hammer splitting firewood. hope you found your own appropriate way to welcome the season!
Just in time for Easter, http://www.handcarvedrabbits.com . Pay tribute to the Goddess Oestre with a snazzy t-shirt!

Episode 2
March 17, 2009 11:36 PM PDT
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1. D U N K I N donuts theme (jr miah shaw stefan Fall 1997 in Jr's Volvo, Brattleboro, smurfy mix)
2.Voyage Wandynamo (miah surly tim tristan 8 16 01 24 hr attempt, Witchcat Road, Bakersfield)
a. Zalgon 26 McGee (miah stefan fall 1997, Marlboro College, script stolen from Radio Free Vestibule on McGill's CKUT)
b. Nothing in these terms (2tJ winter 2000 car songs in the Saturn)
c. What's your sign? (2tJ fall 1997, IGA in Brattleboro)
3. Whoogina (jess leah matt miah 12 23 2006 Witchcat Road, Bakersfield)
4. VD (miah shaw February 1998 Canal Street, Brattleboro)
5. Kool Aid Man Cometh (jess matt miah November 2002, Barn in Sheldon)
6. Punch My Paste (Vvipersuck January 3 2000, Fairfield)
7. 1997 (jud miah shaw Fall 1997 Canal St., Brattleboro)
8. Dalek phone correspondence (miah tim shaw Fall 1997 Canal St. Brattleboro)

yay episode 2 is dedicated to Flip Izippedsome and his fine fine f$*&in f$*&in hat. enjoy thoroughly, vomit, then enjoy anew.

Episode 1
March 16, 2009 10:34 PM PDT
itunes pic

2.hawk stone chasm w/ bruno's message
5.buy a bisquit
6.she blinded me with science

pugnacious gluegun records is a charlatan outfit, considering they have never printed a single record and are just as likely to steal material from other small indie labels. listen for more shenanegans of this ilk in the future tense space.

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